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You won

With lots of fun

The Pretty Reckless: 25

Multi-Agent Introspection.

If you could step into my head ...

Tell me, would you still love me?

3 Doors Down: So I Need You

Ems Ups.

E(m)s ist vielleicht einfach keine gute Ecke für Infrastruktur.


I have occasionally been able to be very persuasive even with wrong arguments.

Peter Scholze: Liquid tensor experiment

The bullshit asymmetry principle.

The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude larger than to produce it.

Brandolini's Law, as quoted by Crystal Prison Zone: I tried to report scientific misconduct. How did it go? 

Just one more.

academics will literally take on a new project while already doing 80 hour work weeks instead of going to therapy.



This is my family, and I'm telling you now, nobody messes with my family.

Abbie Turner in Sorry We Missed You

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