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Princess P.

Pauline was an elder sister of Marie, Crown Princess of Württemberg, Emma, Queen of the Netherlands, Helena, Duchess of Albany, Friedrich, Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont, and Elisabeth, Princess of Erbach-Schönberg.

Wikipedia: Pauline Emma Auguste Hermine Prinzessin zu Waldeck und Pyrmont

Call it by its name.

I think research topics and ideas should be called by what they are about, not people or places.


Enjoy your day and don't let anyone occupy it with consumerism.


Her given name also appears as Malwina and Malwine but Malvina is the correct spelling.

Wikipedia: Malvina Garrigues

John Doen't give your real name to everyone.

Dear John Doe,

We are writing to let you know that we recently discovered that some user data was compromised as a result of unauthorized access to our systems by a malicious third party. We are very sorry [...]

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As of 2018, the "Lovelace Medal" was awarded to one woman and twenty men.


Zum 1. November 2018 tritt im Personenstandsrecht der neu eingefügte § 45a des Personenstandsgesetzes (PStG) in Kraft. Er ermöglicht eine „Neusortierung“ der bestehenden Vornamen einer Person.

Voraussetzung ist, dass die Person mehr als einen Vornamen besitzt und dass die Vornamen nach deutschem Recht gewählt wurden.

rehm-verlag: Der 1.11.2018 – ein Feiertag für den Rufnamen?

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