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Oh, who, in the enthusiasm of a daydream, has not wished that he were a wanderer in a world of summer wilderness, with one fair and gentle being hanging lightly on his arm?

Nathaniel Hawthorne: Roger Malvin's Burial

Guerre, Plume, Theatre.

Don't tell me
Tell my ghost
'Cause I blame him
For all I don't want to know

In Flames: Alias

Total Fun.

Getting to name things is half of the fun in programming.


Alles Gute nachträglich, wo auch immer du dich dieses und nächstes Jahr so herum schlängelst und Freude verbreitest.

Nameless Unicorn.

It feels wrong to talk about someone or something for more than five minutes without knowing their name.

Jan Breeze.

It's okay when fundamentally different things share names. But for people I am not so sure.


Weißt du heute sind sie mir völlig egal
Ich kenne nich' einmal mehr ihre bescheuerten Namen

Wann war das 98 oder 2006?
Irgendwann sind die Erinnerungen weg

Sookee: Die Freundin von

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