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The Dining List Problem.

The Noboconist.

But having started off as a way for one person to give the impression of being many, anonymity has since come to serve the opposite function at The Economist: it allows many writers to speak with a collective voice.

The Economist: Frequently asked questions

Cheese as a service.

Wenn Halloumi noch kein Käse wäre, würde sich sofort irgendein start-up so nennen.

No arrows, not even objects.

Am I the only one who annoyed by "functor" in Prolog?


Geburtstagsgrüße vom Watersnuffel!


Naming ternary functions is hard.

Main Master Mhatever.

Either do some real shit or stay silent. Stay the fuck out of our way and don’t pretend you care. Then we can all get on with our lives.

MooseyAnon: GitHub, f*ck your name change.

(link goes to, use

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