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Song song song.

Musical taste argument of the day: If you can leave out a block of 50 seconds and the song still sounds the same, then it is probably crap.


Hmmm; we can't postpone the dirty work any longer. In emergency situations, garbage collection is a necessity. And occasionally, as a ZDD base grows, garbage collection is a nicety, to keep our house in order.

Donald Knuth: bdd15.w


ein bisschen hirnlos, aber schön

Die Ärzte: Schopenhauer

Nur nicht zu.

Alles, was wahr ist, ist schön.

Kurt Barnert in Werk ohne Autor

There's cute in execute.

Follow the rules, but not blindly.


Okay, 11111 does look nice.

Enough for a whole day.

Radiohead and Markdown.

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