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Schlecht( eingestellt)e Mikrofone sind wie Schmatzen.


Mouse pointers in screenshots make me nervous.

World Wide Whatever.

I don't know what "vore" is, but it sounds like an internet thing, and one thing I've learned is I never want to know about internet things.

Elliot in Questionable Content #4480

Song song song.

Musical taste argument of the day: If you can leave out a block of 50 seconds and the song still sounds the same, then it is probably crap.


Hmmm; we can't postpone the dirty work any longer. In emergency situations, garbage collection is a necessity. And occasionally, as a ZDD base grows, garbage collection is a nicety, to keep our house in order.

Donald Knuth: bdd15.w


ein bisschen hirnlos, aber schön

Die Ärzte: Schopenhauer

Nur nicht zu.

Alles, was wahr ist, ist schön.

Kurt Barnert in Werk ohne Autor

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