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Okay, 11111 does look nice.

Enough for a whole day.

Radiohead and Markdown.

Pfuiction Models.

“Pfui! One must keep syntax and semantics strictly separated, or the world will fall apart.”

Hans van Ditmarsch, Wiebe van der Hoek & Barteld Kooi: Dynamic Epistemic Logic

I need some space.

Wrong indentation makes me nervous.


In the name of beauty and typography, please remove the print button from pdf.js in Firefox. No, really.

Neverending Story.

Het mooie van logica, van wetenschap in het algemeen, is dat het groter is dan jezelf: je kunt je er altijd in blijven ontwikkelen.

Jan van Eijck: Interview We@CWI


Someone please give me a language in which left and right have the same length.

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