Schlagwort: Sexismus

Zuhören, Still sein und so.

In der ganzen Welt Sexismus, aber ich sexistisch, nein.


Und jetzt man sagen, hat doch nichts mit mir zu tun,

doch wenn man so was sagt, hört man Frauen einfach nicht wirklich zu.

Plasebo: Zuhören (feministischer Kampftag 2021)


As of 2018, the "Lovelace Medal" was awarded to one woman and twenty men.


None of this defines me. But if you think it hasn’t shaped me, hasn’t made me make rules for myself my whole life, hasn’t shaped how I view other women, and myself, and men... if you think it hasn’t shaped my ambitions (for good and for bad), or the way I vote, or what I see when I look in the mirror — I’m guessing you’re a man.

 jessicashortall: Everything I can remember.


I lift up my head, stretch my neck, look over the seat in front of me, to the front, to the back. I look at him. Mockingly I say “It is a grey, grey world here, dude.”

Karin Bodewits: 220 Shades of Grey


When, one day, a translation engine crafts an artistic novel in verse in English, using precise rhyming iambic tetrameter rich in wit, pathos, and sonic verve, then I’ll know it’s time for me to tip my hat and bow out.

Douglas Hofstadter: The Shallowness of Google Translate