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Huxley showed that in the West, we need not control by coercion. We control by confusion.

Guy Davies: Brave New World Revisited, revisited


Es ist 2018 und Leute lesen noch Teletext.

Generation Praktikum.

It was considered a good thing that there might be a few years in a young man’s or woman’s life where money was not the primary motivation; where he or she could thus be free to pursue other forms of value: say, philosophy, poetry, athletics, sexual experimentation, altered states of consciousness, politics, or the history of Western art. Nowadays it is considered important they should work.

David Graeber: Bullshit Jobs


“The people who are the most honest about themselves do not play the game of Instagram,” Amanuel says. “The game of Instagram is who can maximise their likes by being the most risque, outrageous or conformist as possible. I didn’t want to play that game.”

Sirin Kale (The Guardian): Logged off: meet the teens who refuse to use social media


Given all the centralization, it's reassuring to know that forums about everything still exist.


If everyone around you stares at a screen all the time, how should you not want one too?


Why should year numbers be an argument for anything at all? Is something more or less evil, just because it took humanity this or that long to realize that it is?

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