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Ob du gegen etwas bist,
oder es verteidigst,
alles scheiß egal,
sie sind zutiefst beleidigt

Dirty Dabbes: Zutiefst Beleidigt


Realitäts-Update der Woche: Unter Windows 10 enthält nun sogar Solitaire Werbung. Mit Videos.


We do not live in the age of logic,
we live in the age of deception.

a friend


[...] made Nell oddly nostalgic for the days when dangerousness was a function of mass and bulk. The passives of that era were so fun to watch, with their big, stupid cars and big, stupid guns and big, stupid people.

Neal Stephenson: The Diamond Age


Huxley showed that in the West, we need not control by coercion. We control by confusion.

Guy Davies: Brave New World Revisited, revisited


Es ist 2018 und Leute lesen noch Teletext.

Generation Praktikum.

It was considered a good thing that there might be a few years in a young man’s or woman’s life where money was not the primary motivation; where he or she could thus be free to pursue other forms of value: say, philosophy, poetry, athletics, sexual experimentation, altered states of consciousness, politics, or the history of Western art. Nowadays it is considered important they should work.

David Graeber: Bullshit Jobs

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