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mir zu wünschen, dass ihr auch morgen noch da seid
es ist gut euch als meine Freunde zu wissen

friend crush: Friend Crush


If I ever want to change my app settings, I can always text my friend and ask for the pin—but for me, I find this social layer makes a big difference. Having a friend in charge of the pin is somewhere between BDSM and making your intention concrete through spectacle, like with marriage.

Max Fowler: A harm-reduction guide to using your phone less


When we make changes in our lives, we're often afraid of what people will think of us. Will they think I'm crazy or stupid or out of touch? The truth is, people are more supportive and understanding than we think. Particularly the people who are closest to us.

The Minimalists: Everything That Remains


The definite sign that a friendship gets serious is when you order something from


The only luck bigger than friends are compatible friends.

A, H, J and P.

There a names which I trust blindly.


I wish everyone well, but there is a very specific set of people in my mind.

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