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Happy Birthday, to both of you, even if you don't know each other!


Einmal ist immer das bekloppteste mal.


Beziehungsfrage des Tages: Bei wem würdest du ein Backup hinterlassen? Bei wem nur ein verschlüsseltes?


Enjoy your day and don't let anyone occupy it with consumerism.


This may sound weird, but sometimes I really want to send someone to another persons bathroom.


mir zu wünschen, dass ihr auch morgen noch da seid
es ist gut euch als meine Freunde zu wissen

friend crush: Friend Crush


If I ever want to change my app settings, I can always text my friend and ask for the pin—but for me, I find this social layer makes a big difference. Having a friend in charge of the pin is somewhere between BDSM and making your intention concrete through spectacle, like with marriage.

Max Fowler: A harm-reduction guide to using your phone less

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