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I am keenly aware of a tension here. As an XR rebel, I participate in acts that are clearly against the law. Indeed, acting against the law is the whole point of the rebellion. On the other hand, I do not think any society can function without a police force to uphold the law. I happen to be a retired professor, not a police officer. But I do not find it at all difficult to imagine a situation where the roles are reversed, where I am a police officer facing a blockade with a retired professor in it.

Jan van Eijck: We Have Not Made Ourselves


FREE Diemen!

graffiti, Uyllanderbrug

Doesn't mean it's easy.

It's just semantics.

The Naked and Famous: Waltz


Dat wat je vroeger in de Jordaan had, dat is denk ik dat Noord gevoel.

graffiti in Amsterdam Noord


(Also) Cities should have a resonable amount of confidence.


Het is niet de eerste keer dat Amsterdam toeristen probeert te gebruiken om de snelheid van het autoverkeer te reduceren. Eerder al experimenteerde de stad met de inzet van bierfietsen, groepjes Yellow Bikes en dubbel geparkeerde touringcars.

De Speld: Amsterdam wil toeristen naar de rijbaan 

Privileged Thief.

This social experiment was conducted in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 2014. Three young man that dress the same, have the same height and are of the same age, try to steal a bike.

All men have been 'stealing' the bike for 30 minutes. They all used the same utensils (hammer, saw, plyers) for the same amount of time. During the 30 minutes of testing with all men around 500 people passed by. The three men are actors, the other people in the film aren't.

Control Alt Delete: Stealing bikes in Holland (video)

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