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A doctor, a logician and a marine biologist had also just arrived, flown in at phenomenal expense from Maximegalon to try to reason with the lead singer who had locked himself in the bathroom with a bottle of pills and was refusing to come out till it could be proved conclusively to him that he wasn't a fish.

Douglas Adams: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe


"Sure you won't regret this later?" said the shadow in a hushed voice. "It's wrong, I tell you. there's something wrong with this place. People can't live without their shadows, and shadows can't live without people. Yet they're splitting us apart. I don't like it. there's something wrong here.

Haruki Murakami: Hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world

Editor's Notes.

[end note 1] Editor's Note. I acknowledge the promptitude of the authors of the summary. Especially their promptitude to renegociate deadlines.


[end note 8] Editor's Note. I wish to express my true gratitude to the authors of the summary for not exceeding three times the expected length of a typical summary.

unknown editor about the summary by Philippe Dumas and Philippe Flajolet of Jean Vuillemin: Synchronous Decision Diagrams: a Data Structure for Representing Finite Sequential Digital Functions at École normale supérieure, Algorithms Seminar DMI, 2000-5-22.


Sometimes it seems better to only say something afterwards.


“What am I to you?” he said, turning to look at the lake, his nostrils flaring. “You’re my boyfriend,” I said, rising to a kneel and wrapping my arms around him from behind. “For now,” he said, stiffening at my touch. “Until you find somebody at your fancy college who doesn’t have trouble understanding movies and gets the weird books you like.” “Grant,” I said, kissing the back of his neck. “I like you, all right?” “But you don’t think I can understand you,” he said.

Meredith Russo: If I Was Your Girl

Not only in the morning.

But that’s not me. By definition, you can’t experience your own death. Death is the end of consciousness. And consciousness persists. In the language of physics, consciousness is conserved.

I am the one who wakes up in the morning.


Every morning.

I don’t die.

I just become increasingly unlikely.

Robert Charles Wilson: Divided by Infinity


Die südschleswigsche Identität, von der Roßberg spricht, steht unter den jüngeren Leuten der Minderheit höher im Kurs als unter den älteren. Für die Jungen seien deutsch, dänisch oder friesisch altmodische Kategorien, sagt Roßberg. Sie sprechen meist mehrere Sprachen und bevorzugen keine. Sie wohnen mal in Deutschland, mal in Dänemark, die Grenze ist eher unwichtig.

Kåre Holm Thomsen: Dänen-Partei will in den Bundestag (taz 2020-01-04)

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