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There is a distinction between reality and narrative. Narrative is used to hide reality from view. Narrative is the main tool of politics, of cult leaders and influencers, and of the advertising industry. To get in touch with reality I have to first cut through the thicket of narrative. It is a post-modern myth that everything is narrative. This itself is a narrative. It obscures the reality from view that behind the narrative lies reality.

Jan van Eijck: Embracing All

Stuff Home.

I don't want to own anything until I know I've found the place where me and things belong together.

Truman Capote: Breakfast at Tiffany's

Alles oder Nichts.

I don't ever wanna be anything but everything.

Color Out: Anything but Everything


I had a new iPhone in the pocket of my new Ralph Lauren suit. I had new Burberry glasses. A new haircut. Keys to this new town house in Columbia, Maryland, the largest place I’d ever lived in, and the first place that really felt like mine. I was rich, or at least my friends thought so. I barely recognized myself.

Edward Snowden: Permanent Record


Maximale resultaten worden niet noodzakelijk alleen door maximale inspanning bereikt, maar door iemand die zich maximaal inspant op een terrein waar hij toch al maximaal in het voordeel was.

Willem Frederik Hermans: Nooit meer slapen

Ich leide (so), also bin ich (so).

De meeste mensen baseren hun zelfrespect op een of ander gebrek aan comfort.

Willem Frederik Hermans: Nooit meer slapen


Toch, wie een taal spreekt die zijn moedertaal niet is, die wordt naar beneden gedrukt, onherroepelijk.

Willem Frederik Hermans: Nooit meer slapen

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