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The Bad News Hat.

Something magic happened: the whole company flinched at the hat instead! Seriously, people were scared of the hat, but could separate that from the people wearing it.

Weird psychological hack, but it worked. I suggest something similar for everyone's incident procedures.

Lea Kissner

Imagined Image.

Could it be, then, that Daniel’s true cowardice lay in that he could not stand for people to think poorly of him?

Neal Stephenson: The Confusion

The Noboconist.

But having started off as a way for one person to give the impression of being many, anonymity has since come to serve the opposite function at The Economist: it allows many writers to speak with a collective voice.

The Economist: Frequently asked questions


Haircut fashion is a secret plot to make it harder to distinguish people.

Karaoke Kids.

Alle anderen werden immer jünger!

Dare to laugh.

Eliza laughed out loud, lustily, drawing glares from women who never laughed that way, or at all.

Neal Stephenson: Quicksilver

Give ((only) part of) your best.

Ideally I want you at about 70% of your best. Any higher than that and you'll just be annoying to work with.

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