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That said, parenting philosophy is one thing, life is another. At Pixie’s two-year-old development checkup, the nurse brought out a box of toys to assess his cognitive skills. Pixie promptly unpacked it all. Once it was established that he was well on track developmentally, the nurse asked him to pack the toys away; Pixie would not hear of it. I told him in Hungarian that after he packed away, we’d go for ice cream: he immediately sprung to action and delivered the most focussed packing job the nurse has ever seen. After expressing her amazement she asked me what I’d said…

Math, Chocolate and Circus: Raising a bilingual child


Am I the only one using a spellchecker when writing emails?

Mal sehen wie lange noch.

Beruhigend, dass es zumindest in der Tagesschau noch sogenannte künstliche Intelligenz heißt.


There was an air of foppery and nonsense in it which she could not approve.

Jane Austen: Emma



Fluchen und Fliegen.

You're an eejit if you think a fecking flight is 50p.

Fascinating Aida: Cheap Flights

Earth Citizen.

Ich suche das Land in dem jeder dem andern in Staatsunangehörigkeit gleicht.

DOTA: Grenzen

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