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Fier, fie, fiets.

Can we have a new pronoun for bicycles who do not want to align themselves along human gender constructions?


Consider this sentence: Sue invited Anna for dinner. She proposed to meet on Monday. In spoken language, the word she could refer either to Sue or Anna. A signing person however can resolve this ambiguity: they will place Sue and Anna at two points in space and explicitly refer to one of them by pointing to her location.

Iris Proff: What happens if you grow up without language?

It's as if I'm to eat.

I am not contento.

Malvina Nassim: Are secret love letters really anonymous? (video)


Notice I didn't say "TV".

"TV" is a nickname and nicknames are for friends, and television is no friend of mine.

Segment from the "Last Donut" skit in the second season of Mr. Show


Oh look, a list of puns.

Scrabble für 200 Punkte.

Finde ein Wort mit zwei Doppelkonsonanten die beide getrennt ausgesprochen werden.

Antwoord snel.

A sign you have been living in a country for quite a while: You start getting email spam in the local language.

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