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Six powers of ten should be enough for everyone.

Die Welt braucht keine Milliardäre
Stellt euch vor, wie schön es ohne euch wäre
Empathie und Vernunft, statt Raffgier und Beschiss
Frische Luft, grüne Wälder, saub’re Meere

Knorkator: Milliardäre


I’m merely pointing out that in today’s climate relating your work to defense is the best way to obtain funding.

Neal Stephenson: The Big U

Hodl tight.

die finanzindurstrie kennt kein hodl.

Michael Seeman

Geht doch.

We trekken ons terug uit beleggingen in producenten van fossiele brandstoffen (olie, gas en kolen). Dit heeft het bestuur van ABP besloten na onlangs verschenen klimaatrapporten. Voor het besluit is veel steun. Veel deelnemers en werkgevers wilden al langer dat we zouden stoppen met beleggen in fossiele brandstoffen.

ABP stopt met beleggen in fossiele brandstoffen


“I have given up hope, tonight, of ever understanding money.” “It’s simple, really…” “And yet it’s not simple at all,” Daniel said. “It follows simple rules—it obeys logic—and so Natural Philosophy should understand it, encompass it—and I, who know and understand more than almost anyone in the Royal Society, should comprehend it. But I don’t. I never will…if money is a science, then it is a dark science, darker than Alchemy. It split away from Natural Philosophy millennia ago, and has gone on developing ever since, by its own rules…”

Neal Stephenson: Quicksilver

Keeping (a)live.

We hope this unconventional gesture from the Debian project will help us make this year somewhat less terrible and give us, and thus humanity, better Free Software tooling to approach the future.

Debian donation for Peertube development

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