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Daily Bads.

Fifty years ago, when I was a boy, it seemed completely self-evident that the bad old days were over, that torture and massacre, slavery, and the persecution of heretics, were things of the past. Among people who wore top hats, traveled in trains, and took a bath every morning such horrors were simply out of the question. After all, we were living in the twentieth century. A few years later these people who took daily baths and went to church in top hats were committing atrocities on a scale undreamed of by the benighted Africans and Asiatics. In the light of recent history it would be foolish to suppose that this sort of thing cannot happen again. It can and, no doubt, it will.

Aldous Huxley: Brave New World Revisited


Aus der unbekannten Ferne wünsche ich dir alles Gute, auch wenn du das hier erst in ein paar Jahren lesen kannst.


The diamonds of Finland are not lakes, landscape and Nokia – the real diamonds are the young people, our hope for tomorrow.

Plamen Dimov


Ich zeigte auf den Rhein und meinte: 'Schauen Sie sich den Fluss an, der an uns vorbeiströmt. Er symbolisiert die Geschichte; sie ist nichts Statisches. Sie können diesen Fluss stauen, technisch ist das möglich. Doch dann wird er über die Ufer treten und sich auf andere Weise den Weg zum Meer bahnen. So ist es auch mit der deutschen Einheit. Sie können ihr Zustandekommen zu verhindern suchen. Dann erleben wir beide sie vielleicht nicht mehr. Aber so sicher, wie der Rhein zum Meer fließt, so sicher wird die deutsche Einheit kommen - und auch die europäische Einheit.

Helmut Kohl

(Hervorhebung M.G.)

Blissful Futurance.

(Not) knowing what will happen, makes it (not) easier to (not) worry about it.

Like Language.

Quickly our vocabularies shrank. Instead of summoning words, people tapped on images. People stopped finishing their sentences. And in startlingly short order, they could no longer describe with language the places they had been; the way they had felt in the dark night; the powerful weight of the tropical winds and the humidity of their recent vacations, the dirt road they got lost on, the woman who brought milk and bread and butter and yogurt to their pensione.

Gabrielle Hamilton: The Art of the Dinner Party

Core van dem cœur.

At some point we will all just speak Erasmus.

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