Schlagwort: Sex

F the f-word.

That we live in a world in which people continue to use the same word for sex and violence, and then resist the notion that sex is routinely violent and claim to be outraged when sex becomes overtly violent, is testament to the power of patriarchy.

bell hooks: The Will to Change


Most folks believe we are hardwired biologically to long for sex but they do not believe we are hardwired to long for love.

bell hooks: The Will to Change


Death and disease only made her more amorous — eager to forget the bad parts of life and to enjoy good flesh while it lasted.

Neal Stephenson: The System of the World


Bob had not noticed the skeleton before, and its sudden inclusion in the conversation made him uneasy. “I beg your pardon, sir, ‘twas disgraceful—” “Oh, stop!” Eliza hissed, “he is a Philosopher, he cares not.” “Descartes used to come up here when I was a young man, and sit at that very table, and drink too much and discourse of the Mind-Body Problem,” Huygens mused. “Problem? What’s the problem? I don’t see any problem,” Bob muttered parenthetically, until Eliza crowded back against him and planted a heel on his instep. “So Eliza’s attempt to clarify your mental processes by purging you of imbalancing humours could not have been carried out in a more appropriate location,” Huygens continued.

Neal Stephenson: Quicksilver


Am schlimmsten ist, dass ich nicht mehr richtig schlafen kann. Wenn ich mir nicht vorher einen Rotwein-Rausch antrinke, masturbiere oder eine große Runde joggen war, geht es eigentlich gar nicht.

Mascha Anders