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Wieso war niemand anderes wütend über die erstickende Kraft sprachlichen Schutts?

Pascal Mercier: Perlmanns Schweigen

Change me into something I believe in.

I feel the world like a brick on my chest

Evanescence: The Game Is Over


Current holiday level: 100 km and 0 news before noon.

Outsourcing Grownupping.

One of the things that was a huge realization for me was when someone explained why ADHD was thought of as a boy's disorder that you grow out of -

Because the men would be assumed to have both a wife AND a secretary, onto whom they would offload everything ADHD is bad at.



Ich weiß nicht was schwieriger ist: wenn die Realität sich nicht ans Gesetz hält, oder wenn das Gesetz sich nicht an die Realität hält.

Trust to try.

That you will try not to run

when it's hard

Natalie Maines: Take It On Faith

Back ups, not downs.

It's just so much easier to live in the past.

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