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Hold on to what you’ve become.

But one day is today
I’m already there

Floor Jansen: My Paragon

The time of having time.

[...] die Zeit als Schüler und Student [..], die durch nichts so stark geprägt gewesen war wie durch das Gefühl, daß die Gegenwart noch weit in der Zukunft lag.

Pascal Mercier: Perlmanns Schweigen

Let the new year roll.

Goal: 5000km

Ausgang Null.

Blog zero is easier than inbox zero.

The world keeps on turning.

Now that I've found you
I'm not going to leave you

Anathema: The Lost Song, Part 3

Ten percent of the year.

But already 50% of my new year's resolutions done!

Was's Was.

Notes on What's What, and on What It Might be Reasonable to do about What's What.

Old Raja in Island by Aldous Huxley

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