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For god’s sake, let’s stop painting our own society as a haven of peace and safety, which it most definitely isn’t, and by the same token, let’s stop turning the rest of the world into a no-go zone, full of dangerous criminals.

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When you look at my privilege, compared to that of many of the people I have travelled among, it is beyond tasteless to suggest that I am the vulnerable one.

Emily Chappell: On rape and racism

Gone beneath my wheels.

There's nothing that the road cannot heal

Conor Oberst: Moab

Goede matin.

Sorry for being late, It was about time that I get to see you.


Being away from others is symmetric, but the (feeling of) responsibility for it is not.


There's a lot you can do, all that is available in your sphere of influence. You can skip your trip to Thailand, for example. It is absolutely effective. It's equivalent to driving a car for a very long time.

Urpo Taskinen, the arctic velonaut


Wat vooral ideaal is van een zee van tijd zoals de zes weken die ik tot mijn beschikking had, is dat je de eerste weken kunt doen alsof de tijd niet bestaat.

Hans van Ditmarsch: Tien redenen om niet naar Noordkaap te gaan


Honestly, the bad days on the road, they are better than the best days at the office.

Emerging Alternatives: Lessons from a decade abroad

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