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Exployment Rate.

So don't tell me about low levels of unemployment.
You're counting the wrong things.
You're not counting dignity of people.
You're counting exploited people.

Winnie Byanyima (Executive Director of OXFAM)


Unternehmen, die eine für uns alle unverzichtbare digitale Infrastruktur bereitstellen, dürfen sich nicht nach den Zielvorgaben von Risikokapitalgebern ausrichten.

Thomas Wagner ( Debatte Digitalpolitik für das Gemeinwohl: Recht auf Internet

Caring by Counting.

In order to make progress as a field, we need standard tasks which quantify bias.

1st ACL Workshop on Gender Bias for Natural Language Processing

You should've noticed.

Planning and organising things is already a full-time job.

Emma: You should've asked

Schoocial Choice.

Students were told (correctly) that their best strategy was to give their true preferences. If trading were allowed, this would not be true. It would pay off for students to put popular schools high on their list. A spot at these schools would be good trading material.

Ronald de Haan: Why a Dutch court stopped high school students from swapping schools

(warning: link goes to — you might want MMRA)


Hattest du nie, sagt sie, eine Idee von Gerechtigkeit? Nein, sage ich. Von richtig und falsch? Nein, sage ich. Gut und böse? Nein, sage ich. Sind alle Juristen so? Ja, sage ich.

Juli Zeh: Adler und Engel


As a kid, visiting Chicago was like, well, Katniss visiting the capital.

David Wong: 6 Reasons For Trumps Rise That No One Talks About retitled How Half Of America Lost Its F**king Mind

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