Schlagwort: Gerechtigkeit

Moore's Money.

The impact of having the fastest growing forum software in the world created by an organization whose then-leader was willing to state that he doesn't really care about users who aren't "influential users who spend money", who don't have access to "infinite CPU speed", is that a lot of forums are now inaccessible to people who don't have enough wealth to buy a device with effectively infinite CPU. How web bloat impacts users with slow devices

Happiness as a function of institutions.

So, the ultimate secret to Finnish happiness is simple but hard to put in practice: Build institutions that truly serve the citizens at large, not just a narrow elite within it.

Frank Martela: Finland is happiest in the world – Correcting five misunderstandings of what this means

Länger und länger.

Für so ne Pimmelparty mit bleichen Rentnern waren wir nicht stundenlang im Proberaum

Blond: Männer feat. addeN

Strange strangeness.

Strange world, strange symbols.

Angebot und Nachfrage.

The housing market is an especially weird one.