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The Noboconist.

But having started off as a way for one person to give the impression of being many, anonymity has since come to serve the opposite function at The Economist: it allows many writers to speak with a collective voice.

The Economist: Frequently asked questions


Think about it.

If you can't tag him, does he even exist?

Comic Relief Originals: Anti Social - A Modern Dating Horror Story (2017)


A free press is indispensable for a functioning society of free citizens. Opponents of freedom try to discredit reliable news agencies by sowing doubt. The least we can do is spend time and effort to get informed by the news that talented and courageous journalists bring to us and that others do not want us to read.

Jan van Eijck: On the Notion of Mainstream Media (MSM)


We believe that visual memes and memetic engagement are tools with great potential for the USG as it looks to counter the information activities of state and non-state actors and more proactively engage audiences online.

Vera Zakem, Megan K. McBride, Kate Hammerberg: Exploring the Utility of Memes for U.S. Government Influence Campaigns


One way to think about effects is to turn the question around; rather than asking how porn affects users, we could ask, Under what conditions would the images in porn not have an effect? In other words, what do men need to be exposed to in order to counter the stories in porn? In media studies we ask similar questions when discussing how to immunize people to the constant flow of consumerist ideology that is paired with capitalism.

Gail Dines: Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality