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Wer seine quengeligen Kinder direkt aus dem benachbarten Wagen ins Bordbistro schickt, hat sie nach drei Minuten unausgelastet und überzuckert zurück.

Johannes Schneider: Planen Sie mit der Dummheit der anderen! (ZEIT 2019-08-09)

Wanted: Zeitgeschenke.

Alles Gute! Ich hoffe du kannst mal wieder ausschlafen.

Shit figured out.

You taught me that you can say anything you can think.

Amanda Palmer: Judy Blume


For my generation, being anonymous is no longer an option. For many of us, the decisions about our online presence are made before we can even speak. I’m glad that I discovered early on what posting online really means. And even though I was mortified at what I found that my mom and sister had posted about me online, it opened up a conversation with them, one that I think all parents need to have with their kids. And probably most importantly, it made me more aware of how I want to use social media now and in the future.

Sonia Bokhari: I’m 14, and I quit social media after discovering what was posted about me

Rom komm schon.

Wenn wir nicht mehr können
schauen wir uns ne Romcom an.

Mine & Fatoni: Romcom

Private Conversations.

As my children were growing, I could see that within a few years they and their friends would be wanting a mobile phone; they would want to use Internet services to chat, record personal videos and share experiences with friends. Like most parents, I had questions and concerns about the current state of big-tech products and services, about their exploitative business practices.


These tech-stacks of exploitation were not really built by accident. They are wired into the business models of every tech company in the space; not a single one advances moral values over their shareholder value. And so I knew there was no way to get to have individual freedom and control from the current phone hardware or from its OS vendor (Apple or Google). I unfortunately knew there was no way to respect the digital civil rights of society by playing the silicon valley exploitation game.

Todd Weaver: Purism Origin Story


That said, parenting philosophy is one thing, life is another. At Pixie’s two-year-old development checkup, the nurse brought out a box of toys to assess his cognitive skills. Pixie promptly unpacked it all. Once it was established that he was well on track developmentally, the nurse asked him to pack the toys away; Pixie would not hear of it. I told him in Hungarian that after he packed away, we’d go for ice cream: he immediately sprung to action and delivered the most focussed packing job the nurse has ever seen. After expressing her amazement she asked me what I’d said…

Math, Chocolate and Circus: Raising a bilingual child

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