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Imagined Image.

Could it be, then, that Daniel’s true cowardice lay in that he could not stand for people to think poorly of him?

Neal Stephenson: The Confusion

In 15 Minuten.

I’m 70 now and all my life I’ve heard that the Russians would one day make a surprise attack and, within 48 hours occupy the Eiffel Tower. Fait accompli! We in the West were weak – perhaps not right now but we would be within the next five if we did not invest much more in ”defence”.

Well, these damn Russians haven’t come yet – another reason we shouldn’t trust them, I assume!

Jan Oberg: Evidently the West Cannot Live without Enemy Images–Go See a Shrink so We Shall All Live in Peace

Can one hesitate to hesitate?

Our boredom bleeds us wide awake

The Walkabouts: Fuck Your Fear

(yes, again)


Der Kranich hält den Stein,
des Schlafs sich zu erwehren.
Wer sich dem Schlaf ergibt,
kommt nie zu Gut und Ehren.

Giebellied des Kranichhauses in Otterndorf, zitiert in Wikipedia: Kraniche

Dealing with deal with it.

She had promised to deal with the situation, which worried him as much as the problem itself.

David Lagercrantz: The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye

Don't hesitate.

This don't seem like the end.
It seems more like a bad beginning.

The Walkabouts: Fuck Your Fear

Big Shleppa.

Backup. A perfect, perfectly seductive name for scan and sim. She was amazed she hadn't heard it. As soon as she did, Limpopo just knew there must be thousands — millions — of people using the term. Once you conceived of the thing that made you you as data, aeons of data-handling anxiety kicked in. If you had data, it had to be backed up. Anything important that wasn't backed up was good as lost. Data is haunted by Murphy. Do something irreplaceable and magnificent while out of network and backup range and you were begging for critical failure that nuked it all.

Cory Doctorow: Walkaway

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