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Our metaphysics determines what makes sense to us. What happens when we take a vacation from our metaphysical worldview? Lots of crazy, wonderful things.

Jan van Eijck: Truth in Troubled Times

Unless Uniqueness.

It is not a good idea to name a state after its valuation.

Hans van Ditmarsch, Wiebe van der Hoek & Barteld Kooi: Dynamic Epistemic Logic


The soul would have no rainbow
Had the eyes no tears.

John Vance Cheney

Friede, Freude, Freunde.

I became convinced that most human beings are possessed by a profound unhappiness venting itself in destructive rages, and that only through the diffusion of instinctive joy can a good world be brought into being.

Bertrand Russell - Autobiography

Bye Bye Blubb Blubb.

Fisch und Besuch, beide stinken nach drei Tagen.


Bitte und Danke.

We'll give you a key to open all of the gates
We'll show you a sea of starlight to drown all your cares

Nightwish: Edema Ruh

Keep on rolling.

Was ist Geld? Geld ist rund und rollt weg. Bildung bleibt.

Graffiti in Düsseldorf

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