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I recorded my runs using Strava, and this d3 visualization shows the progress of my exploration between November 2014 and March 2015. It makes me weirdly happy.

Ben Birnbaum: Run Visualization


Sex is good, but have you ever fucked the system

Graffiti, seen in Beirut, Lebanon (tumblr)

Nur nicht zu.

Alles, was wahr ist, ist schön.

Kurt Barnert in Werk ohne Autor


FREE Diemen!

graffiti, Uyllanderbrug


Lackdose Intoleranz

Graffiti in Bonn-Dransdorf


Schöne Sticker auf dem Laptop sind ein guter Grund ihn öfter und länger geschlossen zu lassen.


Porn should not be understood as an avant-garde “art form” allowing for the creativity and playfulness of independent directors, performers, and producers. It needs to be understood as a business whose product evolves with a specifically capitalist logic. Moreover, this is a business with considerable political clout, with the capacity to lobby politicians, engage in expensive legal battles, and use public relations to influence public debate. As with the tobacco industry, this is not a simple matter of consumer choice; rather, the business is increasingly able to deploy a sophisticated and well-resourced marketing machine.

Gail Dines: Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality

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