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On a mission from God.

There's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark out, and we're wearing sunglasses.

Hit it!

The Blues Brothers

When the spectacle swallows the true story.

Kissing in the rain
Stargazing once again
Old clichés still remain but i want my own endings
No false solutions
No safe illusions
Come along with me, into a real dream

Battle Beast: No More Hollywood Endings


I have come here to chew bubble gum, and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubble gum.

Nada in They Live (1988)


Some people tell me that this feels like a movie – for me it feels like things are finally getting real again.

Jeffrey Babcock

5 stars, would plot again.

Confusing IMDb with LMFDB suddenly leads to completely new forms of evening entertainment.

Auf den Wolf gekommen.

The Journey of Natty Gann is also reminiscent of the classic “A boy and his dog” adventure story genre, except here the “boy” is a girl and the “dog” is a wolf.

Jonathan McIntosh: 1980s Movies that Shaped our Humanity

Sex(ismus) von Gestern.

Born Sexy Yesterday. It's a science fiction convention in which the mind of a naive, yet highly skilled, girl is written into the body of a mature sexualized woman. Born sexy yesterday is about an unbalanced relationship, but it’s also very much connected to masculinity.

Pop Culture Detective: Born Sexy Yesterday

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