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Every country surely has its own awkward, outdated tradition – where every effort to update it, or to make sure it is offensive to no one, is met with fierce resistance.

Joost de Vries (The Guardian): Black Pete: the scandal we Dutch can’t stay silent about any more


The pornographers did a kind of stealth attack on our culture, hijacking our sexuality and then selling it back to us, often in forms that look very little like sex but a lot like cruelty.

Gail Dines: Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality


Wann ist eigentlich die Schnulze zum Schluss zum kulturellen Standard in sämtlichen Erzähl-Medien erhoben worden?

Real Digital Scheißegal.

Mein Profil meine Seite mein Blog
Kein Ziel keine Meinung kein Bock

Moop Mama: Lösch Das Internet


Es ist noch wieder Suppe da.


Culture is a minefield.

Hiphopical Maturity.

An appreciation for early-90's MTV hip-hop can't hurt either.

The Matasano Crypto Challenges

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