Schlagwort: Spiel

Explorable Explanation of Game Theory.

If there's one big takeaway
from all of game theory, it's this:

What the game is, defines what the players do.
Our problem today isn't just that people are losing trust,
it's that our environment acts against the evolution of trust.

That may seem cynical or naive -- that we're "merely" products of our environment -- but as game theory reminds us, we are each others' environment. In the short run, the game defines the players. But in the long run, it's us players who define the game.

So, do what you can do, to create the conditions necessary to evolve trust. Build relationships. Find win-wins. Communicate clearly. Maybe then, we can stop firing at each other, get out of our own trenches, cross No Man's Land to come together...

Nick Case: The Evolution of Trust (30 min game)

Peak gadgetism.

Oh. Looks like I can play Tetris on my watch now.

Common Playing.

Er ist ein schlechter Schauspieler. Er weiß auch, dass sie weiß, dass er das weiß – und so fort, bis in alle Ewigkeit.

Juli Zeh: Corpus Delicti


I’m the one who makes the rules
for the heroes and the fools
I can tear down angels from the sky
and make Mona Lisa cry

Battle Beast: Master of illusion


So spielt man in Deutschland und Österreich das Fränkische, das Altenburger, das Bayerische und das französische Blatt, in Österreich kommt noch das Tarockblatt hinzu.

Wikipedia: Spielkarte