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Outside Man.

The men didn’t catch their little joke. They were clueless. Some things didn’t change.

Edan Lepucki: California


My female neighbour came to pick up a package the other day and she told me her female landlord has reduced their rent because of the front doorbell not working for so long.

Jacinta Nandi: you know you been in Germany too long when….


Tassen, Binden, Tampons, das ist doch kein Luxus!
Warum geht dann meine Kohle an den Fiskus?

Luxusbabe: Kein Luxus


Reading behavior is also tied to gender: female respondents report having read male and female authors, with a slight preference for the former. Male respondents mainly report to have read male authors. The men who do read female authors, give higher scores to their novels than female respondents do; female respondents give lower average scores to works by female authors than male respondents. The idea that more female judges would benefit female authors, is thus most likely incorrect. Respondents were also asked to motivate one rating of a novel. Again, there are differences between female and male authors — even when I only isolate the female respondents. The first are judged according to content, the second to structural and formal characteristics.

C.W.Koolen: Reading beyond the female — The relationship between perception of author gender and literary quality.


Es ist immer wieder komisch wenn Männer den Ton angeben aber dann vor allem Frauen mitsingen.

Caring by Counting.

In order to make progress as a field, we need standard tasks which quantify bias.

1st ACL Workshop on Gender Bias for Natural Language Processing

The G-Thing.

It’s a thing people invented to put you in a category.

a second-grader, asked “What is gender?”

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