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Länger und länger.

Für so ne Pimmelparty mit bleichen Rentnern waren wir nicht stundenlang im Proberaum

Blond: Männer feat. addeN


If nothing else, supporting the Harry Potter franchise arguably works against the values that drew us to it in the first place. Harry Potter wasn’t just a story about brewing potions and turning rabbits into slippers. In spite of some problematic elements it encouraged us to come together against greater evils, and stand up for people less powerful than ourselves.

This latter idea popped up several times in the books. Whether they were house-elves, hippogriffs, half-giants or even the non-magical, Harry and his friends stood up for those who couldn’t fight their own persecution. Ironically, it could now be argued that one way to honour that idea is to reject the franchise that inspired it.

Brick Fanatics: Statement on LEGO Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling


In private, Hyacinth came up with an acronym for them: SWAMPers. This meant that as a bare minimum they found it necessary to Shave, Wash, Anoint, Make-up and Perfume all parts of their body at least once a day.

Neal Stephenson: The Big U

Half of the shit you won't believe.

My husband's girlfriend's husband just called me up
How messed up is that?
It's so insane that I have to laugh
But then I think about our two boys trying to become men
There's nothing funny about that

The Chicks: Sleep At Night

Strikingly obvious.

And the truth is that anyone can clearly see that humanity is split into two categories of individuals with manifestly different clothes, faces, bodies, smiles, movements, interests, and occupations; these differences are perhaps superficial; perhaps they are destined to disappear. What is certain is that for the moment they exist in a strikingly obvious way.

Simone de Beauvoir: The Second Sex


[...] throughout humanity, superiority has been granted not to the sex that gives birth but to the one that kills.

Simone de Beauvoir: The Second Sex

Outsourcing Grownupping.

One of the things that was a huge realization for me was when someone explained why ADHD was thought of as a boy's disorder that you grow out of -

Because the men would be assumed to have both a wife AND a secretary, onto whom they would offload everything ADHD is bad at.


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