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In an era when everything can be surveiled, all we have left is politeness.

Neal Stephenson: The Diamond Age


Setting: neomedieval Amsterdam. After the calls of Jan van Eijck to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption [...]

Jan: These thirty- and forty-somethings have become so used to looking up everything on the Internet instead of remembering the literature, unlike us fifty- and sixty-somethings. I'm happy for my daughters that their generation is developing good memory and other skills again.

Barteld Kooi & Rineke Verbrugge: From principles to practical pigeon protocols, in: A Programming Road to Logic, Maths, Language, and Philosophy - A Tribute to Jan van Eijck on the Occasion of His Retirement.

Caring by Counting.

In order to make progress as a field, we need standard tasks which quantify bias.

1st ACL Workshop on Gender Bias for Natural Language Processing


Huxley showed that in the West, we need not control by coercion. We control by confusion.

Guy Davies: Brave New World Revisited, revisited

This article connects to seven Google domains.

Google und Co. verschleiern erstens ihre Profitabsichten, intensivieren zweitens Programme der umfassenden Überwachung ohne reelle Opt-Outs, und arbeiten durch eine umfassende Strategie der emotionalen Einbindung drittens daran, uns zu den orientierungslosen, überforderten, hilflosen und weltblinden Subjekten zu formen, die sich ihr Leben nicht mehr ohne die Dienstleistungen von Internetkonzernen vorstellen können.

Jorinde Schulz: Halt die Fresse, Google (Ada Magazin, 2018-09-18)


Didn’t even know what a pension was until the employee benefits counselor clued me in, and it nearly blew the top of my skull off.

Neal Stephenson: Spew
(1994-10-01, WIRED)

Brace for AMPact.

But unchanging-ness... that’s really important. In fact, it’s the key thing about email. It is the biggest thing that email has over social networking or any of the hosted chat systems.

An email which is just a wrapper for content pulled from a website is no longer an unchangeable copy of anything.

Bron Gondwana ( Email is your electronic memory

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