Schlagwort: Untergang

Checking Out.

I talk to my family every day. But other than that? Yes, Luisa, I have checked out of planet Earth. Nice place. Lovely people. But I have to focus on what comes next.

Neal Stephenson: Seveneves

As the virus spreads inside.

Look around, then you see
It's no doubt that we face extermination

Amaranthe: Viral


Wenn die Erde heut zu Staub zerfällt
Dann erschaffen wir eine neue Welt

Mantus: Neue Welt


When the shit went down you did too.

Danko Jones

What a silly thing to worry about.

The wind was already picking up, and the clouds were dark to the south. It was the exact right kind of dark, too. Suitably threatening. The sky was ominous and violent. Disaster was coming. Finally!

We are become pals!