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Auch wenn sie nie eine Tätowierung haben wollte tat es gut darüber nachzudenken welche es denn wäre. Und wo und wann und warum.


You will probably also have it at some point.



He had always wondered about it, and indeed he belonged to a generation that had no understanding of tattooing as an art form. Why embellish yourself with something that never goes away, when we constantly change and evolve?

David Lagercrantz: The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye

Transmission Consent Protocol.

Each of their hands was saying, "Is this okay?" and waiting for the other's to move, "Yes, it's okay," before moving again. They were sending pulsed SYN/ACK/SYNACKs over a balky network.

Cory Doctorow: Walkaway


Another year of the 21st century is beginning to end, but we still use the most basic forms of remote hug technology.

Sweat and Sun.

When the skin tastes like crisps.

For all l.

When you love someone who respects you, it feels so much better.

Math, Chocolate and Circus: Body Image

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