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Oh lovely lightness.

The Unobserved.

There are simply more birds than we could watch.


Nicht ganz neue aber immer wiederkehrende Erkenntnis: Menschen sind anders und reagieren unterschiedlich.


He collected these together and put them in a cardboard file which he marked "Things To Do". Since he was feeling so vigorous and dynamic that morning, he even added the word "Urgent!"

Douglas Adams: So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish


Stars? Who remembers stars? Come to think of it, had I even looked up at the sky recently? Had the stars been wiped out of the sky three months ago, I wouldn't have known. The only things I noticed were silver bracelets on women's wrists and popsicle sticks in potted rubber plants. There had to be something wrong with my life. I should have been born a Yugoslavian shepherd who looked up at the Big Dipper every night. No car, no car stereo, no silver bracelets, no shuffling, no dark blue tweed suits.

Haruki Murakami: Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World.

Main Master Mhatever.

Either do some real shit or stay silent. Stay the fuck out of our way and don’t pretend you care. Then we can all get on with our lives.

MooseyAnon: GitHub, f*ck your name change.

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A few minutes later, they became engaged. The morning after as they sat at breakfast, he told her his name.


In fact, though their acquaintance had been so short, they had guessed, as always happens between lovers, everything of any importance about each other in two seconds at the utmost, and it now remained only to fill in such unimportant details as what they were called; where they lived; and whether they were beggars or people of substance

Virginia Woolf: Orlando: A Biography

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