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Wat heeft ‘de hardwerkende Nederlander’ aan een aantrekkelijk ‘vestigingsklimaat’ terwijl (het recht op) wonen voor velen onbetaalbaar is? Wat heeft ‘de kruidenierszaak’ aan een belastingparadijs? Wat heeft de Nederlandse boer aan de massale import van vleeskalveren? Wat heeft de Nederlandse reiziger aan het massale overstappen?

Reijer Hendrikse: Nederland is geen land, maar een draaischijf op drift


Surprisingly, this self-destructive behaviour is socially encouraged. It is in good taste to be resistant to high levels of alcohol. Overcoming this excess of alcohol seems a guarantee of strength and vigour. This role is often given to men. We are challenged to drink, and see who can bear it all night. Is it a sort of adoration for self-destruction? Drunken, we each become a grotesque character in the great human comedy. I don’t have any taste for self-destruction, and I oppose the choice of consicence! To remain clear-sighted, conscious of being alive, of being at peace all the time. Because I don't like this bizarre behaviour, I have decided to stop.

Antón Moglia: Why I stopped drinking alcohol

Lange Weile.

How is it going?

Better than expected.

I’ve been able to slow down and savor the things in life that make me feel happy, productive and alive. I have more time to think, read, write, exercise, meditate, see friends and family and devote as much time as I want to the focus list.

rnilo: Making Life Boring 🥱

CrapGPT by Closed AI.

So for now, you don’t see yourself using ChatGPT’s software?

„Absolutely not. One of the main reasons being that it’s not open AI at all, even though they say it is. You can use this version online, but I can’t download it and use it in other software."

Piek Vossen

Denken First.

But maybe you overrate the value of discussing things. There is a reason why I don’t hire a lot of Ph.D.s. I have a Ph.D., Dr. Castelein. I seen how the sausage is made. And the problem with Ph.D.-havers is overthinking. Y’all live in this alternate universe where everything has to be made perfect sense of before y’all can do anything.

Neal Stephenson: Termination Shock

Inbox Ten.

Good enough is good enough.

All up in my feels.



just like the world is endin'

Avril Lavigne

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