Winterschlaf II.

Blogpause bis 2023-02-01.

Inbox Ten.

Good enough is good enough.


Let's consider the browser quotient (BQ) to rank jobs: what percentage of your duties can only be done in a web browser?

All up in my feels.



just like the world is endin'

Avril Lavigne

Bird Wall.

As a company from eastern Germany, we know that building a wall to try and keep people from leaving isn't a good idea.

Mastodon gGmbH


This leads to AI models that sexualize women regardless of whether they want to be depicted that way, Caliskan says—especially women with identities that have been historically disadvantaged.

Melissa Heikkilä: The viral AI avatar app Lensa undressed me—without my consent

Peak gadgetism.

Oh. Looks like I can play Tetris on my watch now.

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