Yes, (misplaced )brackets can make me angry.


Does it run ads? Do you work there? Is some CEO getting paid while you get ripped off? If any of those are true, you are probably a commercial website. Is your site commercial? A handy guide


Past the line, on the steps
Follow you
Hear me slowly breathe
Cross the line, up the steps
Follow you
Hear my fading voice

AURI: Desert Flower


Google’s decision to kill Google Reader was a turning point in enabling media to be manipulated by misinformation campaigns. The difference between individuals choosing the feeds they read & companies doing it for you affects all other forms of media.

Anil Dash on Twitter


Never underestimate the joy of having repaired something.


Academic spamming has reached a new level when someone some bot suggest that you should patent a logic.

Time to write to time.

The longer the gaps between our acts of communication get, the bigger is the difference between the person we think we are sending a message to and the person who will actually receive it.

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