Productivity per CPU cycle per Watt is the lowest it’s been in decades, and is orders of magnitude (plural) beneath its potential.

Drew DeVault: Following up on "Hello world"

Outrun all the pain.

I'm a loco with a motive and you'll ride with me tonight

Marko Hietala: Runner Of The Railways

Wel met die van anderen.

Elk nieuw leven dat een mens begint is een voortzetting van het oude leven!


Niemand kan tweemaal op hetzelfde punt beginnen. Elk experiment dat niet herhaald kan worden, is helemaal geen experiment. Niemand kan met zijn leven experimenteren.

Willem Frederik Hermans: Nooit meer slapen


Maximale resultaten worden niet noodzakelijk alleen door maximale inspanning bereikt, maar door iemand die zich maximaal inspant op een terrein waar hij toch al maximaal in het voordeel was.

Willem Frederik Hermans: Nooit meer slapen

Forum for all.

“Some people take the concept of “living room” rather literally. They wander through all of the corridors, and sometimes even the offices of our employees. If you then say: “You are now in our office”, they will reply: “Yes, but we are just dropping in and having a look”, said a smiling Nijdam. Forum Groningen: 550,000 visitor received

Missing a law.

This was a tragic loss, and it set the tone for the entire genre. From an early age, Asimov was drawn to the communal aspects of fan culture, but he made it more difficult for women to experience that sense of community. Women have long occupied an ambiguous place in science fiction, where they have been alternately welcomed, dismissed, and harassed. Asimov took advantage of what he called the rising percentage of “shrill young girls” at conventions in the 1960s, and his unique position at such events—he was invariably the center of attention—made his example especially insidious. His admirers looked to him as a model of how to behave, and fandom was complicit for years in his serial misconduct in ways that have never been fully acknowledged.

Alec Nevala-Lee: Asimov's Empire, Asimov's Wall ( 2020-01-07)


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