Nobody should have done anything "usual" yesterday.

Hosting the Hippies.

Writing Sorry-For-The-Fuckup-Mails to "customers" feels a lot worse when they are not paying with money but world-improvement.

myself on twitter, 2011-10-12

Moore's law, but then for bicycle parts?

2 Terabyte kosten ungefähr das gleiche wie eine Runderneuerung aus Kettenblatt, Kette, Ritzelpaket und Mantel.

myself on twitter, 2011-10-01


Upper case letters in email addresses are the modern version of dashes in fax numbers.


\begin{fame} % fortunately it's not that easy

Gone beneath my wheels.

There's nothing that the road cannot heal

Conor Oberst: Moab


Nee, ich steh' niemals wieder auf, ich
halt's nicht aus, es ist so flauschig.

Grossstadtgeflüster: Meine Couch

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