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Gitegory Theory.

We begin by defining a category of files and patches, where the operation of merging the effect of two coinitial patches is defined by pushout. Since two patches can be incompatible, such a pushout does not necessarily exist in the category, which raises the question of which is the correct category to represent and manipulate files in conflicting state. We provide an answer by investigating the free completion of the category of files under finite colimits, and give an explicit description of this category: its objects are finite sets labeled by lines equipped with a transitive relation and morphisms are partial functions respecting labeling and relations.

Samuel Mimram, Cinzia Di Giusto: A Categorical Theory of Patches (


Once our bodies were used to make things – to build dams and stone walls, plough fields, paint frescoes, scrub clothes, gather the needs of daily life. Now those who work with their bodies many hours a day are a class apart. Millions of us work only with our fingers on keyboards. We admire the sportsperson or team for their physical skills; we may garden, walk, dance and swim for pleasure and health, but we are exceptional if we do not have to make an effort to ‘use’ our bodies.

Susie Orbach: Bodies (2019)


Ironically, the way that stress is relieved in someone with high cortisol levels is by increased stress rather than less. With heightened stress, the body’s own soothing opiates kick in. Cruelly, tightly coiled individuals can’t get relief until they become really uptight.

Susie Orbach: Bodies (2009)


The body is turning from being the means of production to the production itself.


The fact that we can transform the body makes it a site of dissatisfaction which can be overcome.

Susie Orbach: Bodies (2009)


Disney and Apple/Microsoft are in the same business: short-circuiting laborious, explicit verbal communication with expensively designed interfaces.

Neal Stephenson: In the Beginning was the Command Line


Memories with links are the best.

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