I went to hell and back to find myself on track.

Somewhere between the 0s and 1s
That's where I found my kingdom come

Nemo: The Code

Stroke of luck.

It's an unbelievable stroke of luck, and a privilege, that we are actually alive. So you might as well enjoy it.

Tuomas Holopainen interviewed on kerrang.com


Here we find an important truth about LAION-5B: It contains less about how humans see the world than it does about how search engines see the world. It is a dataset that is powerfully shaped by commercial logics.

knowingmachines.org: Models All The Way Down

Moore's Money.

The impact of having the fastest growing forum software in the world created by an organization whose then-leader was willing to state that he doesn't really care about users who aren't "influential users who spend money", who don't have access to "infinite CPU speed", is that a lot of forums are now inaccessible to people who don't have enough wealth to buy a device with effectively infinite CPU.

 danluu.com: How web bloat impacts users with slow devices


The EDPS has therefore decided to order the Commission, effective on 9 December 2024, to suspend all data flows resulting from its use of Microsoft 365 to Microsoft and to its affiliates and sub-processors located in countries outside the EU/EEA not covered by an adequacy decision.

EDPS: European Commission’s use of Microsoft 365 infringes data protection law for EU institutions and bodies