Leankin Park.

Lists someone should make, no. 2349: recommended combinations of programming languages and music.

Bera Serif.

It’s time to turn back time
Follow the pale moonlight

Nightwish: Dark Chest of Wonders

The illusion of time as space.

Is there a point in (working) life where we switch from using the month view of your calendar to the (multi)week view, and never go back?

The Elephant in the Room is Not a Bear.

There is nothing wrong with men. Men are lovable people with the same capacity for empathy, agency, and growth as any other human on the gender spectrum. But when men are socialized to identify their humanness as masculinity and to associate masculinity with power, we get some real problems. These are the problems of patriarchy.

bikepacking.com / Laura Killingbeck: A Woman Who Left Society to Live With Bears Weighs in on “Man or Bear”

Lives lived plain and epic.

We are because of a million loves
We´re the perfume of the timeless

Nightwish: Perfume Of The Timeless