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Byzantine Messenger.

One checkmark when the message was sent.

Two checkmarks when it was read.

Three checkmarks when it was sent that it was read.

Four checkmarks when it was read that it was read.

Five checkmarks when it was sent that it was read that it was read.


Practicality and Grace.

You can see that current pockets are located completely outside the area where there is potentially space; the hips and butt of modern pants, for both women and men, are closely fitted. If there’s any ease, it starts just above the knees.

Conveniently, the point where the vastus lateralis starts to curve back in towards the knee, creating space, is also right around the lowest point your arms can reach without bending over, giving us a well-defined

Sam Blackley: On Trouser Pockets


Luxusproblem des Tages: Falscher Zeichenabstand auf dem Erdnussbutterglas.

Wordie Maker.

Dear Microsoft, why the hell did you think animating the cursor in Word would be a good idea?!


It seems NSB has thought about everything one might ever want to need in life.


After the "Slovene alphabet war" Metelko's alphabet was forbidden in 1833.

Wikipedia: Metelko alphabet


He snatched a piece of paper from Owlswick's box, and pulled out a pencil. 'Look,' he said, 'you start with...'


'Richness,' he told himself, aloud, 'richness and solidity, like the front of the bank. Lots of ornate scrolling, which is hard to copy. A ... panorama, a cityscape ... Yes! Ankh-Morpork, it's all about the city! Vetinari's head, because they'll expect that, and a great big One so they get the message. Oh, the coat of arms, we must have that. And down here' — the pencil scribbled fast — 'a space for the chairman's signature, pardon me, I mean paw print. On the back ... well, we are talking fine detail, Owlswick. Some god would give us a bit of gravitas. One of the jollier ones. What's the name of that god with the three-pronged fork? One like him, anyway. Fine lines, Owlswick, that's what we want. Oh, and a boat. I like boats. Tell 'em it's worth a dollar again, too. Um ... oh yes, mystic stuff doesn't hurt, people'll believe in any damn thing if it sounds old and mysterious. "Doth not a penny to the widow outshine the unconquered sun?"'

'What does that mean?'

'I haven't the foggiest idea,' said Moist. 'I just made it up.'

Terry Pratchett: Making Money

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