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Am I the only one using a spellchecker when writing emails?


I tried, but I just cannot take you seriously when your email signature has a link to file:///D:/Dropbox/

There is no TRUST in SMTP.

“They sent fake emails from our and Professor Edelman’s addresses and arranged a pick-up on the street.”

“Is that possible?”

“Yes, and it’s not even very difficult.”


David Lagercrantz: The Girl in the Spider's Web

Brace for AMPact.

But unchanging-ness... that’s really important. In fact, it’s the key thing about email. It is the biggest thing that email has over social networking or any of the hosted chat systems.

An email which is just a wrapper for content pulled from a website is no longer an unchangeable copy of anything.

Bron Gondwana ( Email is your electronic memory

Brute Force Police.

Der Anteil der rechtswidrigen Ersuchen lag im Jahr 2017 bei rund 42 Prozent. Transparenzbericht 2017

Knowing Who.

[...] we dropped support for encrypted-only mails. We urge other mail clients to do the same.

Vincent Breitmoser aka Valodim at K-9 Mail: OpenPGP Considerations, Part II: Encrypted-Only Mails


By the way, SPF does not help against local spoofing.

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