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Rest in Proof.

In 1998, a chapter on realizability by his hand came out in the Handbook of Proof Theory. Characteristically, Anne’s text had been finished a few years before, faithfully meeting his deadline, but delays by other authors kept him updating, somewhat grumblingly, with all new results in the area. What he published had to be the complete state of the art.

Johan van Benthem and Dick de Jongh: Anne Troelstra (1939-2019)

It doesn’t have a name.

I don’t remember the first time
But I think I survived

The Naked and Famous: Spank


Life is not the opposite of death.
Death is the opposite of birth,
life is eternal.

Anathema: Presence


"This wasn't what I expected."

"Welcome back, buddy."

"Am I dead?"

"That is the million-dollar question."

"Why only a million?"

"It's not inflation-adjusted. I'm a walkaway hippie, can't be bothered to keep track of money."

Cory Doctorow: Walkaway


Wer erwartet eigentlich wen oder was in der Lebenserwartung?

Without You.



I have had a very fun time. It was enormously enjoyable, I loved it all, and was glad I got to see it.

not the last words of Jason Scott

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