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Hollandse Brug.

Life was so different this time last year.

graffiti near Muiderberg


Wenn Kultur in 2020 schon abgeschafft wird, dann gibt’s bei uns im öffentlich-rechtlichen Fernsehen jetzt auch ehrliche Technosounds auf's Trommelfell!

Scooter feat. RTOEhrenfeld: FCK 2020


Lieve mensen, laten we toch alsjeblieft een beetje toleranter en aardiger zijn naar elkaar.

Jan van Eijck: Ik loop hier met mijn lantaren...

Social Distancing.

Not meeting people is easy.

Selecting the people to meet is hard.

Keeping (a)live.

We hope this unconventional gesture from the Debian project will help us make this year somewhat less terrible and give us, and thus humanity, better Free Software tooling to approach the future.

Debian donation for Peertube development


When the NYTimes or western media talks about the world, they’re not talking about the world. They’re talking about white people or, at a stretch, the rich.

Indi Samarajiva: The Overwhelming Racism Of COVID Coverage

As the virus spreads inside.

Look around, then you see
It's no doubt that we face extermination

Amaranthe: Viral

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