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Wenn die Leute wie Maschinen nur noch für die Arbeit leben.

Su Kramer: Nehmt euch doch einmal in die Arme
featured in Dendemann: Menschine


Humans are weird.


Mathematics is measuring times laziness squared.

Earthlings 101, Episode 13


Een mens geworden! Wat een gruwelijke straf. Voor geen duizend kanaries zou ik een mens willen wezen.

Tante Moortje in Minoes van Annie M.G. Schmidt

For both sides.

It's dangerous to get addicted to helping people.

Jan Breeze.

It's okay when fundamentally different things share names. But for people I am not so sure.

Pro Pictures.

If you like a picture of someone, please don't tell them to use it as a profile picture on some centralized asocial network. Be honest and tell them you want to have it.

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