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On an arbitrary numerical scale of conversational oddness, ranging from one to ten, with ten being the oddest conversation I’ve ever had, and seven being the oddest conversation I have in a typical day, this rates no better than five.

Neal Stephenson: The System of the World

Strange strangeness.

Strange world, strange symbols.


“We must have the same sources,” Roger said agreeably. “How much do you pay them?” “I say things to them in return. It is called having conversations, and for some it is payment enough.”

Neal Stephenson: Quicksilver


Meestal beginnen professoren na dergelijke wandelingen of excursies moppen te vertellen, kwaad te spreken van hun collega's, of mededelingen te doen over hun honden, katten, kinderen.

Willem Frederik Hermans: Nooit meer slapen


Das menschliche Gehirn ist eine großartige Sache: es funktioniert vom Augenblick der Geburt an - bis zu dem Moment, wo man aufsteht, eine Rede zu halten.

Mark Twain (angeblich)

Can you read this?

Hello, I am Bob and today I will talk about how finding the full screen mode of Adobe Reader is really hard.

My Continent.

What makes a person say "my country" instead of its name?

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