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Now the epithet of academic school is often bestowed quite freely, when a few students have gathered around a teacher and talk, more or less successfully, in a similar style. But a real school is a mob with an institute.

Johan van Benthem: Suave Radicals. In: Maria Aloni, Michael Franke, and Floris Roelofsen (editors): The dynamic, inquisitive, and visionary life of ϕ, ?ϕ, and ◊ϕ (2013)

Lecture 1, again.

Good morning, everyone!

Soft Skills.

PHP is a hell of a language.


Maar de kern van academisch onderwijs – hét onderscheid tussen een school en een universiteit – is de Bildung, het overdragen van attitudes en vaardigheden dat alleen kan met intensief en face-to-facecontact. Zonder die kern houd je een loze schil over.

We hebben drie maanden lang noodgedwongen online onderwijs gegeven. Akkoord gaan om nog een half jaar zo door te gaan, is akkoord gaan met onszelf overbodig verklaren. Als Den Haag roept dat alles belangrijker is dan hoger onderwijs, is het de plicht van ons allemaal om ze zo hard als we kunnen op hun ongelijk te wijzen.

Casper Albers: Bildung (2020-06-16,

The right to hold property.

But most importantly, I don’t want to be in a place with such priorities. I have achieved most goals on my list – goals that were agreed upon at the beginning – despite having a major illness. I will not be an award-winning researcher, but I feel – and people have told me – that the things I do are valuable. If the university does not see this, I need to find a place that does.

Dr Veronika CH: Goodbye, tenure track


It is not only the violin that shapes the violinist, we are all shaped by the tools we train ourselves to use, and in this respect programming languages have a devious influence: they shape our thinking habits. This circumstance makes the choice of first programming language so important.

E.W. Dijkstra: To the members of the Budget Council (concerning Haskell), 12 April 2001


Titles are funny.

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