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Academic Adrenalin.

Giving presentations with devices on battery.

Doesn't mean it's easy.

It's just semantics.

The Naked and Famous: Waltz

And to myself, a tiny bit II.

You Can Get It If You Really Want

Jimmy Cliff

And to myself, a tiny bit.

Good luck success to all of you!

Come out and chill.

We zijn hier natuurlijk wel om goed werk te leveren. Maar het zou moeten gaan om de kwaliteit van je onderzoek, en niet om zoveel mogelijk uren inklokken in de publicatiefabriek.

Thereza Langeler: Tijd voor de balanstrut (

Hello Everyone.

Irgendwann ist immer das erste Mal.


Most of the focus seems to be on figuring out how to accommodate the existing legacy journals [...] and very little attention has gone into looking at how you support smaller publishers or more innovative new entrants, people that are trying to really bring change to scholarly publishing.

And without supporting these new innovations, there is a risk that the additional funding coming in is going to further entrench the traditional publishers as we start moving towards open access.

Paul Peters (CEO of Hindawi Publishing) in Open Science Talk Episode 10

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