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Cheese as a service.

Wenn Halloumi noch kein Käse wäre, würde sich sofort irgendein start-up so nennen.


Sometimes I hear a shiny new word, but the more I read and think about it, the less I want to use it.

Dis Nee.

The GW culture initiative can be summed up in two words: Mickey Mouse.

Dane Kennedy: The Disneyfication of a University

There is still hope (but nothing else).

It was a good evening.

Someone had opened the box of pundora.

Dissident uit Roermond, 1298 - 1353.

"Heigh Jah van daar moeder en waarom de komiteaal honden kjat naam andertaar te geldert aanwezig" I said to my boyfriend as I picked up my phone and called my dad

Wordie Maker.

Dear Microsoft, why the hell did you think animating the cursor in Word would be a good idea?!


[...] made Nell oddly nostalgic for the days when dangerousness was a function of mass and bulk. The passives of that era were so fun to watch, with their big, stupid cars and big, stupid guns and big, stupid people.

Neal Stephenson: The Diamond Age

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