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Yet, she could not deny that she had her doubts. She was married, true; but if one's husband was always sailing round Cape Horn, was it marriage? If one liked him, was it marriage? If one liked other people, was it marriage? And finally, if one still wished, more than anything in the whole world, to write poetry, was it marriage? She had her doubts.

Virginia Woolf: Orlando: A Biography

Calling is not blogging.

For example, if you forgot to call your father for 3 weeks, it does not make sense to call him 3 times in a single day to make up for it.

The Org Manual: 8.3.2 Repeated tasks

Ausgesorgt IX.

Sommerpause bis 2020-09-01.


Unangekündigte (Schreib)pause bis 2020-04-14.


Stille Radwege und friedliche Tiere am Morgen vertreiben Kummer und Sorgen.


Jeden Tag eine gute Tat.



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