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So, we seem to be stuck with a dysfunctional, antiquated publication system. It is time to end the debate about journals and conferences. Let us design a new publication system, something we, as computing professionals, should know how to do. We should collect system requirements, design the system, implement prototypes, experiment, and iterate. The publication system is our system. We are in charge! Technology opens new avenues, but we must be imaginative and not be bound by the dogmas of the dysfunctional past.

Moshe Vardi: Reboot the Computing-Research Publication Systems (


Regardless, I'm grateful for the doctor who helped me see that I should focus more on enjoying my life, and I am thankful that I have been able to adjust my career to do so.

 Ryoichi Fujiwara: Balancing act

The bullshit asymmetry principle.

The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude larger than to produce it.

Brandolini's Law, as quoted by Crystal Prison Zone: I tried to report scientific misconduct. How did it go? 

Just one more.

academics will literally take on a new project while already doing 80 hour work weeks instead of going to therapy.


Check in Peace.

Suddenly it is time to say good bye to one of my PhD thesis heroes.

PDF drop.

Professor privilege of the day: interrupting a zoom talk by dropping your own paper into the "Everyone" chat room.

Big in the (E)U(SSR).

We present evidence that the number of trips matters for more citations but longer distances are only associated with higher citation numbers for European academics.

Konstantinos Chalvatzis, Peter L. Ormosi: The carbon impact of flying to economics conferences: is flying more associated with more citations?

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