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A dream of science.

I had a dream that Sci-Hub gets discussed by the U.N. For example, Russia could tell the U.S. that it’s a violation of human rights [to ban Sci-Hub] because the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights says everyone has the right to participate in scientific advancement. But that remained only a dream.


There is no real community to discuss that, you hardly hear such voices. Not just in the mainstream media, but even on YouTube, for example. It all died by 2013, when Aaron Swartz died.

Alexandra Elbakyan (as quoted in Blackballed by PayPal, Scientific-Paper Pirate Takes Bitcoin Donations by Anna Baydakova on


The joke was that Hungarian scientists are actually descendants of a Martian scout force which landed in Budapest around the year 1900, and later departed after the planet was found unsuitable, but leaving behind children by several Earth women, children who all became the famous scientists. John von Neumann used a number of facts as mock evidence to support this claim, such as the close geographic proximity of the Martians' birthplaces; the well-traceable career path, which started with an interest in chemistry, led the individual in question to German universities where he moved towards physics, at which point the Martian left Europe for the US.

Wikipedia: The Martians (scientists)


Oh look, a list of puns.

Open But.

A prediction: "But your paper is not open access." will be the new academic version of "But your file was a .DOC."

Academia vs Science.

I don’t see a sustainable science coming out of the meaningless game of excellence, publishing, and grant writing.

What my research indicated is that detecting and correcting issues in science, is too difficult to be sustainable. What my research also indicated, is that going back to the drawing board allows us to tackle issues in a much more straightforward, simplistic, and encompassing manner.

And if there’s an anecdotal thing I’ve learned: People want futures they can be a part of and experience, not just ones to think about and fight for.

Chris Hartgerink: Reflections on my PhD and building sustainable science. (

NWO’tje spelen.

NWO, die jaarlijks bijna een miljard euro verdeelt onder wetenschappers, wil bovendien waar mogelijk de strakke deadlines op het indienen van onderzoeksvoorstellen afschaffen en een systeem van ‘doorlopend indienen’ invoeren. Dat voorkomt, zegt Duisenberg, dat onderzoekers „moeten rennen om het hekje te halen en voortdurend bezig zijn met korte sprints”.

NRC (2020-01-13): Universiteiten en NWO willen af van voortdurende stress rond onderzoeksaanvragen

Busy New Year.

Please reconsider the deadline of the veni grant for next year. By choosing a deadline right after the Christmas break, you are contributing to an unhealthy research culture, which ultimately might even lead to young researchers leaving the field.

Felienne: Open letter to NWO (2013)

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