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Busy New Year.

Please reconsider the deadline of the veni grant for next year. By choosing a deadline right after the Christmas break, you are contributing to an unhealthy research culture, which ultimately might even lead to young researchers leaving the field.

Felienne: Open letter to NWO (2013)


A computing-research conference is "a journal that meets in a hotel."

Moshe Vardi: Publish and Perish

You know you want (g)it.

When writing an academic article with multiple collaborators, you really want to be using a git repository to manage your LaTeX sources and/or other related materials.

I think this is common advice given out to grad students in CS and related departments, but a lot of people don’t really seem to be taking it to heart. Using tools like Overleaf, ShareLaTeX, or even a shared sync folder like Dropbox seems to be the norm. While I’m in agreement that these tools can really reduce the friction for getting started, I think that it’s in your best interest as a graduate student learning how to write effectively in an academic setting to use a git repository instead. Here are my reasons why.

Chase Geigle: Overleaf Considered Harmful: Why a Simple git Repository is Best for Academic Writing


A prime example is that CERN has enjoyed special conditions for the use of Microsoft products for the last 20 years, by virtue of its status as an “academic institution”. However, recently, the company has decided to revoke CERN’s academic status, a measure that took effect at the end of the previous contract in March 2019, replaced by a new contract based on user numbers, increasing the license costs by more than a factor of ten. Although CERN has negotiated a ramp-up profile over ten years to give the necessary time to adapt, such costs are not sustainable.

Anticipating this situation, the IT department created the Microsoft Alternatives project, MAlt, a year ago.

CERN news: Microsoft Alternatives project (MAlt)

Open Sourcience.

We argue that, with some exceptions, anything less than the release of source programs is intolerable for results that depend on computation.

Darrel C. Ince, Leslie Hatton & John Graham-Cumming: The case for open computer programs. In: Nature volume 482, pages 485–488 (23 February 2012)


Reviewing is a strange business.


Door dit onjuiste verhaal te blijven vertellen en de hoofdrolspelers een gender te geven (spermacel is mannelijk, eicel is vrouwelijk), versterkt het oude stereotype beeld van de zwakke ‘damsels in distress’ en hun sterke, mannelijke redders. Zoals Martin benadrukt: doordat deze stereotypen nu worden toegeschreven op het niveau van de cel, lijkt het net alsof ze biologisch bepaald en dus onveranderbaar zijn.

WOMEN Inc.: Het ei en de spermacel: een sprookje vol onwaarheden

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