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Everybody wants to be happy so
Take a look around find a hand to hold
If you really want you can change like the weather
No matter what you do it'll keep getting better

Katzenjammer: Rock-Paper-Scissors


While I introduced myself, she interrupted me mid-sentence and hollered in exaltation to her husband: "THE VIDALIA MAN! THE VIDALIA MAN! PICK UP THE PHONE!"

Peter Askew: I Sell Onions on the Internet

Macht durch Freude.

Zufriedenheit und Gute Laune sind unglaubliche Kräfte.

Quite enough.

I do suspect that he is not really necessary to my happiness. So much the better. I certainly will not persuade myself to feel more than I do. I am quite enough in love.

Jane Austen: Emma


What felicity it is to hear a tune again which has made one happy!

Jane Austen: Emma


Elf ist gut.


Wondering if you're happy is a great shortcut to just being depressed.

Dorothea Fields in 20th Century Women

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