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You should also use “lack of novelty” as a criterion with caution. Almost nothing of value is ever truly new, and many good ideas need repeated reinforcement to catch on. Let’s focus on what the paper contributes to the community, not to the archive of facts.

Edward Lee: The Toxic Culture of Rejection in Computer Science

Basic Needs II.

Glück ist mit dem Fahrrad zur Pommes-Bude fahren und dort Donald Duck lesen.

Toch niet.

Du bist manchmal doch nicht am besten
wenns dir eigentlich vielleicht doch nicht egal ist

frei nach Die Ärzte


Now is this real, or my imagination?

I guess I must be dreaming.

Dead by April: Dreaming


Sonne, Erdbeeren und Wasser.


Everybody wants to be happy so
Take a look around find a hand to hold
If you really want you can change like the weather
No matter what you do it'll keep getting better

Katzenjammer: Rock-Paper-Scissors


While I introduced myself, she interrupted me mid-sentence and hollered in exaltation to her husband: "THE VIDALIA MAN! THE VIDALIA MAN! PICK UP THE PHONE!"

Peter Askew: I Sell Onions on the Internet

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