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The Ignocrapalypse.

Feeling: I really don't like buying stuff from people who don't know what they are selling.

Theory: Things become crappier, unrepairable and more evil when the people who sell them no longer understand them.

Example: Computers. In the good old days (and before I ever used a computer), staff in computer shops actually knew how they work. Nowadays, try asking an employee of any store what the Intel ME is and does.

Other examples: Cars, Bicycles (especially e-bikes), and of course nobody knows knows how a smartphone works.

Ich leide (so), also bin ich (so).

De meeste mensen baseren hun zelfrespect op een of ander gebrek aan comfort.

Willem Frederik Hermans: Nooit meer slapen

Leere .

Trailing whitespace is shitespace.


Wer seine quengeligen Kinder direkt aus dem benachbarten Wagen ins Bordbistro schickt, hat sie nach drei Minuten unausgelastet und überzuckert zurück.

Johannes Schneider: Planen Sie mit der Dummheit der anderen! (ZEIT 2019-08-09)


Vier-Sterne Camping ist wenn das WiFi extra kostet und das überteuerte Fleisch-Menü per Megafon durchgesagt wird.

Can you read this?

Hello, I am Bob and today I will talk about how finding the full screen mode of Adobe Reader is really hard.


I've confused passion with excitement. An issue people rarely talk about these days is what true passion actually feels like. Instead we assume that passion feels like excitement — that passion is inherently exciting — but that assumption is usually wrong. You see, it's easy to get briefly excited about something — an idea, a project, a potential promotion—and think that means we're passionate about it too. But this sensation of excitement is different from the type of deep passion that drives and fulfils people long term. Excitement comes and goes; it wanes when times get hard, when the work gets tough, when creative flow turns into drudgery. True passion, however, arises after you've put in the long hours necessary to become a skilled craftsman, a skillset you can then leverage to have an impact, to gain autonomy and respect, to shape and control your destiny.

The Minimalists: Everything That Remains

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