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Goldene Zwanziger.

Frohes Besseres Neues Jahr!

This vibration.

Did you ever think of me
As your best friend

Did I ever think of you
I am not complaining

Hooverphonic: Eden


Auch Tage mit lärmendem Pedal können perfekt sein.


Luxusproblem des Tages: Falscher Zeichenabstand auf dem Erdnussbutterglas.

The Ignocrapalypse.

Feeling: I really don't like buying stuff from people who don't know what they are selling.

Theory: Things become crappier, unrepairable and more evil when the people who sell them no longer understand them.

Example: Computers. In the good old days (and before I ever used a computer), staff in computer shops actually knew how they work. Nowadays, try asking an employee of any store what the Intel ME is and does.

Other examples: Cars, Bicycles (especially e-bikes), and of course nobody knows knows how a smartphone works.

Ich leide (so), also bin ich (so).

De meeste mensen baseren hun zelfrespect op een of ander gebrek aan comfort.

Willem Frederik Hermans: Nooit meer slapen

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Trailing whitespace is shitespace.

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