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Broken URLs still make me angry.


Mouse pointers in screenshots make me nervous.

Goldene Zwanziger.

Frohes Besseres Neues Jahr!

This vibration.

Did you ever think of me
As your best friend

Did I ever think of you
I am not complaining

Hooverphonic: Eden


Auch Tage mit lärmendem Pedal können perfekt sein.


Luxusproblem des Tages: Falscher Zeichenabstand auf dem Erdnussbutterglas.

The Ignocrapalypse.

Feeling: I really don't like buying stuff from people who don't know what they are selling.

Theory: Things become crappier, unrepairable and more evil when the people who sell them no longer understand them.

Example: Computers. In the good old days (and before I ever used a computer), staff in computer shops actually knew how they work. Nowadays, try asking an employee of any store what the Intel ME is and does.

Other examples: Cars, Bicycles (especially e-bikes), and of course nobody knows knows how a smartphone works.

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