Schlagwort: Gesellschaft

Du fragst.

Du glaubst du bist schlau,

ich weiß ich bin dumm.

POL1Z1STENS0HN: Herz und Faust und Zwinkerzwinker


This leads to AI models that sexualize women regardless of whether they want to be depicted that way, Caliskan says—especially women with identities that have been historically disadvantaged.

Melissa Heikkilä: The viral AI avatar app Lensa undressed me—without my consent

Washing Unchained.

I strongly believe that the invention of the washing machine changed societies more than the invention of blockchains ever will change anything.


We want to make sure that something like the Cambridge Analytica scandal cannot happen again. We should not cut down our AI applications, but improve on them and use them for what they are meant for: not to replace us, but to help us.

Sonja Smets, interviewed by Iris Proff (ILLC Blog)

Angebot und Nachfrage.

The housing market is an especially weird one.