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We want to make sure that something like the Cambridge Analytica scandal cannot happen again. We should not cut down our AI applications, but improve on them and use them for what they are meant for: not to replace us, but to help us.

Sonja Smets, interviewed by Iris Proff (ILLC Blog)

Angebot und Nachfrage.

The housing market is an especially weird one.

Security by Morality.

Recently the fact that anything in IT still works at all makes me strongly believe that anyone who knows their craft wants to use it for good.

Insel ist gut, Kontrolle ist besser.

Wenn es keinerlei Überprüfung der Quarantäne gibt und Leute sie einfach ohne Konsequenzen ignorieren können, dann werden Leute natürlich ihre Quarantäne brechen. Aber wenn 15 Prozent aller Leute ihre Quarantäne ohne Konsequenzen brechen, dann werden andere davon hören, und es werden schnell 30, 40 oder 50 Prozent sein, bis die Quarantäne praktisch bedeutungslos ist. Ob Insel oder nicht – ohne ein funktionierendes Quarantänesystem ist es unmöglich, sich gegen eine Atemwegserkrankung zu verteidigen.

Audrey Tang, Digitalministerin von Taiwan im ZEIT Interview


Essentially it is a system for the processing of raw children into processed children.

Johan Galtung: Schooling and Future Society (1974)

White Nature.

According to the most recent National Parks Service survey, about 78 percent of those who visit federal parks are white.

The Atlantic - paid for by REI: Five Ways to Make the Outdoors More Inclusive


"It's unimaginable! No question about what you do with your orgasms. No question about the quality of your feelings and thoughts and perceptions. And then what about the society you're supposed to be adjusted to? Is it a mad society or a sane one? And even if it's pretty sane, is it right that anybody should be completely adjusted to it?"

Island by Aldous Huxley

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