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I can't say it, therefore it does not exist.

This rule of silence is upheld when the culture refuses everyone easy access even to the word “patriarchy.” Most children do not learn what to call this system of institutionalized gender roles, so rarely do we name it in everyday speech. This silence promotes denial. And how can we organize to challenge and change a system that cannot be named?


Often in my lectures when I use the phrase “imperialist white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy” to describe our nation’s political system, audiences laugh. No one has ever explained why accurately naming this system is funny. The laughter is itself a weapon of patriarchal terrorism. It functions as a disclaimer, discounting the significance of what is being named. It suggests that the words themselves are problematic and not the system they describe. I interpret this laughter as the audience’s way of showing discomfort with being asked to ally themselves with an antipatriarchal disobedient critique. This laughter reminds me that if I dare to challenge patriarchy openly, I risk not being taken seriously.

bell hooks: The Will to Change

De digitale wurggreep.


  • a coalition of parents, IT professionals, teachers, privacy advocates, recognise ourselves in this manifesto


  • that the current digital educational system are dominated by tech giants
  • that fundamental rights - like the privacy of children, parents and educators - are insufficiently secured

and request

  • an alternative design for digital educational systems in which public values and the autonomy of the individual can be secured. Free children from the digital stranglehold

Six powers of ten should be enough for everyone.

Die Welt braucht keine Milliardäre
Stellt euch vor, wie schön es ohne euch wäre
Empathie und Vernunft, statt Raffgier und Beschiss
Frische Luft, grüne Wälder, saub’re Meere

Knorkator: Milliardäre


[...] throughout humanity, superiority has been granted not to the sex that gives birth but to the one that kills.

Simone de Beauvoir: The Second Sex


Deciding who decides is often more important than deciding.

Alpha Male.

the early version of a male, before testing and bug fixes. Unstable and not suitable for the public.


Die drei dritt­mäch­tigs­ten.

ZEIT: ... wenn wir trotz­dem ein­mal kurz in die­sem Den­ken blei­ben, dann wä­re der chi­ne­si­sche Staats­prä­si­dent Xi Jin­ping na­tür­lich der zweit­mäch­tigs­te Mensch der Welt. Aber wer wä­re dann der dritt­mäch­tigs­te, Frau von der Ley­en?

Von der Ley­en: Wis­sen Sie, Macht ist in der EU von ganz an­de­rer Art, sie ist kom­ple­xer und kol­lek­ti­ver. Da muss und will auch ei­ne Kom­mis­si­ons­prä­si­den­tin Rück­sicht neh­men auf ein Par­la­ment und 27 Staats- und Re­gie­rungs­chefs, da wird dann oft ge­run­gen, wir sind auch nicht so schnell wie an­de­re. Aber wenn wir dann mal ei­ne Ei­ni­gung er­zielt ha­ben, dann hat die ei­ne un­ge­heu­re Kraft und Wucht. So ist eben Eu­ro­pa. Und ich fin­de es gut so.

DIE ZEIT 47/2020, Seite 2

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