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OAuth2 *in practice* is abused to control what applications can access YOUR OWN mail.

Do you need to register your slippers or mailbox key with $YOURCOUNTRY's Postal Service before you can open your mailbox and get your mail out? No. But that is what Google and Microsoft do with OAuth2 in practice.

With mail providers requiring applications to be registered, possibly fee-paying assessment - no thanks.

Matthias, on fetchmail-users (2022-10-22)


Let op! De vermelde bedragen zijn exclusief €9,- administratiekosten.



Wat heeft ‘de hardwerkende Nederlander’ aan een aantrekkelijk ‘vestigingsklimaat’ terwijl (het recht op) wonen voor velen onbetaalbaar is? Wat heeft ‘de kruidenierszaak’ aan een belastingparadijs? Wat heeft de Nederlandse boer aan de massale import van vleeskalveren? Wat heeft de Nederlandse reiziger aan het massale overstappen?

Reijer Hendrikse: Nederland is geen land, maar een draaischijf op drift


Dr. Täuber was punished for exerting her academic freedom. The same court that allowed the UG to fire her also made it clear that it was the university’s negative reaction to an essay about her experiences of gender discrimination at the university that “seriously disturbed” their work relationship. Alarming details have also been made public about how the university pressured Dr. Täuber to censor future publications, in order to retain her position.


Reinstate Dr. Täuber, reform complaint procedures, and establish binding protections for academic freedom.

Open letter by employees and students of the University of Groningen (UG), joined by concerned observers and colleagues at institutions around the world: Reinstate Susanne Täuber, protect social safety and academic freedom at the RUG

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All things considered, should we get rid of equal opportunity programs? Certainly not. But I think we should forsake the collective delusion that having an equal opportunity program is equivalent to being an equal opportunity employer. The discrepancy between public commitment and actual progress seems to stem largely from the conviction that, if put on paper, diversity will magically result in inclusiveness.


Ambiguous evaluation criteria and the sole dependency on one person for decision making about promotions should be banned.


We do not allow academics to give lectures without having acquired the necessary knowledge and skills – why do we allow academics to manage a diverse workforce without having acquired the necessary knowledge and skills?


Given the potential backlash, I did not take the decision to expose myself through this essay lightly.

Susanne Täuber: Undoing Gender in Academia: Personal Reflections on Equal Opportunity Schemes. In: Journal of Management Studies 2020.
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