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A zero-rupee note is a banknote imitation issued in India as a means of helping to fight systemic political corruption. The notes are "paid" in protest by angry citizens to government functionaries who solicit bribes in return for services which are supposed to be free. Zero rupee notes, which are made to resemble the regular 50 rupee banknote of India, are the creation of a non-governmental organization known as 5th Pillar which has, since their inception in 2007, distributed over 2.5 million notes as of August 2014. The notes remain in current use and thousands of notes are distributed every month.

Wikipedia: Zero rupee note



Elf ist gut.


Bookland is a fictitious country that exists solely in EAN for the purposes of non-geographically cataloguing books in the otherwise geographically keyed EAN coding system.

Wikipedia: Bookland

ControlMaster, not LogicMaster.

If set to yes or 0, then ...

man page ssh_config


Maybe prime years are the best?


But what about rectangular cake?

You've got a friends.

I've only liked a handful of people in my life, and you've been two of them.

Hans Axgil in The Danish Girl (2015)

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