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Author, Title, DOI. Forget the rest.

It is 2019. Anything without a or another stable and direct link to the full text should not be acceptable as a citation or reference.


Reviewing is a strange business.

Grüße aus Grobkörnigen.

Rechtschreibkontrollsynchronisation, das wär' mal was.


Text editors are like wine. The older the better. You do not want a shiny new text editor. You want the text editor that has been around long enough and used by enough geeks that every conceivable pattern of manipulating symbols on the screen has been thought of, and crystallized into a re-usable pack.

Vivek Haldar:New frontiers in text editing


I find it telling if a spell checking program does not know the word "oppressed".

Enough for a whole day.

Radiohead and Markdown.


Yes, (misplaced )brackets can make me angry.

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