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Support, Support and Support.

Geeks aren’t the only people who deserve freedom.

Kyle Ranking ( Free Software Support Is Critical to Its Success

Whatever it might be.

It's not really lost if you can still ping it.


But is Android not already Linux on mobile?

We could answer this question. However, it would not be printable on the public Interwebs, so you won’t find the answer in this post.

Mobian project: What is Mobian?


Linux is a box of loosely-related tools held together with staples and glue. This is fine when the user understands the tools and is holding the glue bottle, but we need to make a more cohesive, robust, and reliable system out of this before it can accommodate average end-users.

Drew DeVault: What desktop Linux needs to succeed in the mainstream

The Year of the Linux Phone.

Where we once had to live with illegally closed-source forks of the Linux kernel, we now have a git repository in which upstream Linux releases are tracked with a series of auditable patches for supporting various devices, many of which are making their way into upstream Linux. Where we once had a forum thread with five wrong answers to the same question on page 112, we now have a bug report on GitLab with a documented workaround and a merge request pending review.

Drew DeVault: postmarketOS revolutionizes smartphone hacking


Do you want to pay for haircuts your whole life? Think of the money you can save if you pull your hair out earliy with mobile Linux!

Peter Mack in Cyberdeck Users Weekly: Linux on mobile with Linmob (2021-11-09)


New job, new operating system?

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