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The yearning for gardening comes early this year.

Am I affected by the bug?

Most certainly, yes.

Meltdown and Spectre — Questions & Answers


I am becoming allergic to http:// URLs.

Wifi Killteration.

Ha. I wonder what happens if that function is called twice?

Mathy Vanhoef: KRACK Attacks


Most people are just out there YOLO'ing away with the same password or three across all their things.

Troy Hunt: Password reuse, credential stuffing and another billion records in Have I been pwned

Knowing Who.

[...] we dropped support for encrypted-only mails. We urge other mail clients to do the same.

Vincent Breitmoser aka Valodim at K-9 Mail: OpenPGP Considerations, Part II: Encrypted-Only Mails

Let's all be gardeners forever.

It's already that time of the year again. Yes, really.

Expected type Target, found Foot.

Informally, though, safe languages can be defined as ones that make it impossible to shoot yourself in the foot while programming.

Benjamin C. Pierce: Types and Programming Languages

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