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PostmarketOS is the European Sleeper of mobile operating systems.

On Track.

By the 1930s passengers could travel from the English channel to Cairo with only three changes of train. The last leg, in third class, cost the equivalent of about two days’ work for a labourer. It left Haifa daily at 0830, steamed south to the Mediterranean port of Gaza by lunchtime, turned west into Sinai and arrived in the Egyptian capital by 2230.

From there, travellers could continue aboard one of the first air-conditioned carriages along the Nile to Luxor’s Valley of the Kings and on to Sudan. “Direct and quickest route to Damascus, Beyrout, Baalbek and Aleppo,” read a Palestine Railways brochure advertising the connections from Haifa.

The Economist: Railway lines once connected the Middle East (2021-12-18)


Fernbeziehungen einzig wahre Art von Beziehung, woher soll ich wissen, dass mich jemand liebt, wenn er für mich nicht mindestens 8h lang Zug fährt?


Korrekt Falsch.

Zug verkehrt richtig gereiht.

Deutsche Bahn


Urlaubsfahrkarten für andere Leute holen ist wie Essen ausliefern, nur langfristiger.