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Remember by drinking the contents of this carton you will be summoned when the fourth moon rises under the emerald sky and the rabbit runs thru the 14th sector to gather in a field of oats and watch the paranoia burn. For realz.



Das Getränk des Hamburger Herstellers ist nicht mit Aromastoffen versetzt; außerdem enthält es nur zwischen fünf und sechs Prozent Zucker. Also zu wenig, stellte das Fachamt für Verbraucherschutz, Gewerbe und Umwelt in Hamburg-Mitte fest und schrieb dem Hersteller einen Brief.

Sven Lüüs ( Lemonaid soll nicht mehr Limonade heißen

Warming up my fingers.

Like an apple on a tree
Hiding out behind the leaves
I was difficult to reach

A Fine Frenzy: You Picked Me


Europe is ... Ebbelwoi at a birthday party in Amsterdam.


Its better to be
Right and alone
Than wrong and in love
Or was it
The other way around

The Spin Wires: No Ones Keeping Score

Super Vision.

With an ideal supervisor you can share a blackboard and a beer. Possibly at the same time.

Party Stats.

Four languages and nine wine bottles.

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