Schlagwort: Trinken


Het is pas crisis
als de wijn op is.

blokhuis in Weesp

Ask and give.

In short, there was nothing for it but to ask her in and give her a glass of wine.

Virginia Woolf: Orlando: A Biography


An SEO blogger calls Oatly the new Coke, but do not worry, Hacker News is ready to answer. The internet still works.


Most of us drink coffee not because we have a finely calibrated understanding of its role in blocking the adenosine that makes us feel tired and increasing the dopamine that makes us feel good. Instead, we drink coffee because we have adopted (in part from the coffee business itself) a way of understanding ourselves and the world that makes it look like a godsend when we have no choice but to keep working—or even the fulfillment, for a moment, of our bottomless desire for more ideas, more talk, more energy, more time, more life.

Augustine Sedgewick: How Coffee Became a Modern Necessity


Remember by drinking the contents of this carton you will be summoned when the fourth moon rises under the emerald sky and the rabbit runs thru the 14th sector to gather in a field of oats and watch the paranoia burn. For realz.